Monday, February 21, 2011

“The Leadership Code”

At this time of year a lot of Norwegians enter the mountains for cross-country skiing. It is – in most cases – a great outdoors experience, but in some cases there are accidents and even fatalities. Mostly because people don’t follow some simple rules of conduct in the mountains and because of the fast-changing weather conditions. So for many years the Norwegian Trekking Association have published and promoted the Norwegian Mountain Code.

When I saw these the other day I realized that these “rules of conducts” where close to a set of guidelines for leadership. Here they are:

  • Be prepared
  • Leave word of your route
  • Be weatherwise
  • Be equipped for bad weather and frost.
  • Learn from the locals
  • Use map and compass
  • Don't go solo
  • Turn back in time; sensible retreat is no disgrace
  • Conserve energy and build a snow shelter if necessary

Be prepared
            Train and be conscious. Take on leadership tasks and BE a leader as often as you can to gain experience.
 Leave word of your route
            Tell your surroundings where you are going – publish your goals and make sure you get feedback
 Be weatherwise
            Get as much intell as possible about what’s going on in your group. Gather information and use it. Don’t walk blindly into the storms.
 Be equipped for bad weather and frost.
            “Plan for success – prepare for disaster”. Make sure you have contingency plans and that you have backup and a Plan B if necessary.
 Learn from the locals
            Listen to experience, but don’t listen to the “nay-sayers”.
 Use map and compass
            If there is a process that’s effective and efficient, use it. Make sure it’s understood and implemented. If not, create it.
 Don't go solo
            Probably the toughest to follow: “Great leaders don’t do it alone.” Ask for help. Let others impress you
 Turn back in time; sensible retreat is no disgrace
            Know when to quit. Pick your fights. Don’t beat a dead horse. All good advice, unfortunately often neglected.
 Conserve energy and build a snow shelter if necessary
Don’t know about snow shelters in the work place ;-), but make sure you have a sensible balance between work and the rest of your life. You will NOT be thanked when you burn yourself out.

 Good luck on your leadership journey, Bon voyage or "God Tur"

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